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Dome Splice Enclosure with Splice Trays

Fiber Optic Splice Enclosure Dome Type FSEDP144 Series

USD $100.00

General Description

The FSEDP144 Series Fiber Optic Dome Splice Enclosures provide a mean to store and protect the optical splices of the fiber optic cables. They are IP68 rated which make them suitable to be deployed in harsh outdoor environments. They are equipped with a sealing structure (silicone rubber sealing gasket) that is fully mechanical therefore no other sealing materials are required to ensure good sealing performance.

The FSEDP144 Series Fiber Optic Dome Splice Enclosures can support different cable sizes as they come with different cable entries sizes. They have one big cable entry to support uncut direct transmission fiber cable as well as smaller cable entries to support smaller branching cables.

The FSEDP144 Series Fiber Optic Dome Splice Enclosures can be installed in various ways such as buried underground, aerial mount, man-hole mounting and duct-mounting supporting long-distance transmission of data.


  • Self-impacted hoop sealing device to ensure good sealing performance without additional sealing material required
  • Different cable entries to support different cable sizes – 4 round cable entries and 1 oval uncut cable entry
  • Support single-core and ribbon optical fiber types
  • Come with IP68 rating - Made of high impact resistant polypropylene (PP) material with UV protection
  • Various ways of deployments - Aerial, direct buried or pole mounting

Dimension Diagram

Dimension diagram of Dome Splice Enclosure
  • Overall Length (mm): 509.1 
  • Clamp Diameter (mm): 224.6 
  • No. of Cable Entry Points: 4 (20mm Outer Diameter) 
  • Number of Uncut Cable Entry: 1 (68 x 41mm) 
  • Max Splice Capacity: 144
  • Weight (Kg): 2.4

Application Diagram 

Application diagram of Dome Splice Enclosure

  • Insulation resistance: ≥ 2 x 104MΩ/500V(DC) 
  • Voltage resistance: ≥ 15,000V(DC)/min, no breakdown, no arc

  • Stretching: 600N axial tension
  • Pressure: 1500N/100mm
  • Impact: 16N.m, impact 3 times
  • Bending: 150N with ± 45° for 10 cycles
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +65°C
  • Storage temperature: -25°C to +65°C
  • Relative humidity: ≤ 85% @ +30°C
  • Atmospheric pressure: 70 to 106kPa


  • 2 pcs of 12mm (width) x 620mm (length) x 0.61mm (thick) SS201 stainless steel pole mounting stripes
  • 2 pcs of SS201 stainless steel bracket
  • 2 sets of M5 x 20 screws and M5 nuts with washer  

      Accessories of Dome Splice Enclosure

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