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6 Ports Din Rail Panel ST Duplex SM

DPPT12 ST Duplex Din Rail Fiber Optic Patch Panel

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The DPPT12 ST duplex din rail mount patch panel is preloaded with ST duplex adapters and can support up to 12 ports. It is designed to support direct termination or fusion splicing of both multimode or singlemode optical fibers. It is made with high-quality anodized aluminium material which makes it lightweight. The lightweight property together with the compact design of the din rail patch panel allows it to be installed at a location where there is a space constraint. 

  • Space-saving installation
  • Din-rail mounting

  • Dimension : 140 mm Height  x 54mm Width x 103 Depth
  • Standard anodized aluminium, natural

Download Full Product Specification: DPPT12 ST Duplex Din Rail Patch Panel

Additional Product Information: Din rail fiber optic patch panel will be loaded with ST duplex adapters, splice holders, cable gland and splice sleeves.

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