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DPPY12 BK Series DIN Rail Fiber Patch Panel 6 ports ST Duplex Singlemode Adapters

[Out of Stock] DIN Rail Fiber Optic Patch Panel DPPY12 ST Duplex (BK Series)

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Stock Status: Out of Stock, please enquire stock availability

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General Description

DIN Rail fiber optic patch panel DPPY12 BK Series with ST Duplex adapters is an improved version of the previous DPPT12 series. It provides the perfect housing to store the splices of the optical fibers securely. Also, it can support direct termination of the optical fibers.

The DPPY12 BK Series DIN Rail fiber optic patch panel is lightweight and compact in size. These features enable the patch panel to be mounted on a DIN Rail track to offer space-saving.  Also, the patch panel is made of powder-coated aluminium which allows it to be deployed at the industrial environment. The DPPY12 BK Series with ST duplex adapters comes with two entries for the fiber optic cables to facilitate optical splicing to be carried out in the same patch panel.

The new swing-out design of the patch panel also facilitates the ease of installation as lesser assembly time is required. When the DIN Rail patch panel is fully loaded, up to 12 optical fibers are supported.

Mounting of the DIN Rail clip

DPPY12 BK Series offers flexibility in its deployment.  It can be mounted both horizontally or vertically depending on the requirement.

Horizontal and Vertical Mounting of DIN Rail Clip for DPPY12 BK Series
  • Space-saving installation - can be DIN Rail mounted 
  • Splice holder - fixed position and double stackable to support up to 12 optical splice 
  • 2 cable glands - M22 for cable with an outer diameter that ranges from 8mm to 14mm (± 1mm)



  • Dimension : 140 mm Height  x 54mm Width x 103 Depth
    Dimension of the DIN Rail fiber optic patch panel DPPY12 Series ST Duplex
  • Material: Powder Coated Aluminium 
  • Weight:  0.4 kg (12 ports fully loaded)

Additional Product Information: All DIN Rail fiber optic patch panels will be loaded with ST duplex adapters, 2 x Splice holder (S-HO06Z), 2 x M22 cable gland, 40mm splice sleeves  (depend on the number of ports selected) and  3 x cable clips. Those optical ports that are not loaded with adapters will be fitted with blank plugs.

Accessories of DPPY12 BK Series DIN Rail Patch Panel

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