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Front panel view of FN14-RACK-P2A media converter chassis

Ethernet Media Converter Chassis 14 Slots 2U Height FN14-RACK-P2A

USD $242.00

General Description

The FN14-RACK-P2A is a media converter chassis that is 2U in height and can support up to 14 units of FCNCS series media converters. It comes with two power supplies which one of them will serve as a spare unit and will be powered up automatically to prevent a breakdown in the network connectivity. It can provide power supply to a maximum number of 14 units of FCNCS media converters without them being connected to any external power source.

The FN14-RACK-P2A media converter chassis provides the ease of maintenance and operation as different media converters with different data rates can function in the same media converter chassis.


  • Provides a more centralized Management of the FCNCS series media converters 

    Several FCNCS series media converters of different data rates can be run concurrently. Hence, the performance of these media converters can be monitored easily via the front panel of the media converter chassis.
  • Power Redundancy 

    The FN14-RACK-P2A media converter chassis is equipped with two power supplies. The power supply will automatically boot up in the event if the other unit is not working to ensure uninterrupted network connectivity.

  •  Hot Swappable Power Supply and Converter

    Both power supply and FCNCS media converters can be replaced without power off the whole media converter chassis. This hot-swappable feature minimizes the disruption to the network operation. 


Application Diagram

Application diagram of FN14-RACK-P2A media converter chassis
  • Number of slots: 14  

  • Structure: 2U

  • Power input
    AC Voltage: AC 100~265V
    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Power output: DC5V 12A
  • Ripple: ≤20mv
  • Power configuration: Dual power supply for warm backup mode

  • LED indication: POWER (power supply)

  • Max power consumption: 95W
  • Operating temperature: -10~55ºC

  • Operating humidity: 5%~90%
  • Dimensions of chassis: 427mm x 230mm x 90mm

  • Weight: 6.1kg (without packaging include power supply) 

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